Take Home Examination for PRE 659 Non Ferrous Metallurgy and Its Processing

From the previously assigned reading assignment,

Recent development in aluminium alloys for the automotive industry

Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 280, No. 1. (15 March 2000), pp. 37-49. doi:10.1016/S0921-5093(99)00653-X

Please discuss the following topics:

1. Can you observe some of the technologies mentioned in the article that have been implemented in automotive industry in Thailand?

2. What are the next trends that you expect to see in the near future in the world, especially to overcome the limitations of aluminum usage? Hint: Please do some additional literature reviews using KMUTT's extensive database as a part of your answer. You must provide proper citation(s).

I expect you to turn in both answers as a PDF file within Monday Feb 13 at 1pm. The delay will result in lowering your score 5% in each day.